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What You Should Know About Improper Household Rubbish Removal Practices

What You Should Know About Improper Household Rubbish Removal Practices

Nowadays, the world is dealing with plenty of environmental dilemmas, including global warming, flash floods, and many more. Among the causes of this problem is the misbehaviour of the people towards household rubbish removal and disposal. Some people just throw their rubbish anywhere without thinking of the possible consequences of their actions.

Most people claim to have read up on proper waste management. Despite some people’s efforts on efficiently dealing with waste, some people continue to contribute to the key problems that have merged and injured the planet at large. But are they just recklessly throwing away their rubbish, or are they not aware of the effects of what they are doing?

In this article, we will dig into the improper practices of waste disposal, the reasons why people use them, and its effects on our planet. We will also provide the best ways of managing waste so people will no longer practice improper rubbish disposal.

Improper Practices of Waste Disposal

To achieve sustainable development goals, proper waste management practices must be observed. What keeps the world from reaching those objectives are the following:

Ocean Dumping

Ocean dumping occurs when garbage, construction debris, hazardous chemicals, and sewage are intentionally thrown at sea particularly by ships, aircraft, and other man-made machines.

Dumping rubbish in the ocean is considered the cheapest and the easiest way of disposing of waste. That fact alone justifies the billions of tons of litter that end up in the ocean every year. Due to this careless human intervention, the oceanic ecosystem is affected and the existence of other species in Earth, including humans, is threatened.

Open Dumping

Open dumping is a simple and inexpensive method of deliberate disposal of garbage in an open space. While it is a cheap and easy method, open dumping is entirely illegal. People practice this open dumping because they often confuse this method with a permitted municipal solid waste landfill or a recycling facility.

Abandoned piles of household rubbish, bags of yard waste, old barrels, used tires, demolition debris, and appliances can threaten the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment near the open space. If people will continue to practice this illegal method of rubbish disposal, open dumps will grow bigger and may attract more improper waste management.

Open dumps pose health, safety, and environmental threats. They create a public nuisance, divert land from more productive uses, and depress the value of the surrounding land.

Reasons Why People Practice Improper Ways of Rubbish Removal

Are you wondering why people continue to practice improper ways of waste disposal? The effects of improper management of solid waste can be rooted back to the causes of practising inappropriate disposal methods.


People continue to do wrong in terms of rubbish disposal because they do not know the consequence of their actions. They do not have a wide knowledge of proper waste management.


People who understand proper waste disposal but do not follow the correct rules are lazy. Because of their laziness, they just carelessly throw their waste everywhere they want, neglecting the effects of their unwise acts.


Instead of keeping things to maximise their use, people keep buying new stuff and throw away the old ones without hesitation.

Negative Effects of Improper Waste Management

From simple household rubbish removal to the commercial waste disposal, proper waste management should be observed. However, some people choose to dispose of their rubbish in inappropriate ways. This is where the problem arises.

Water Contamination

Water is very important. It is used for many things, from watering the local fields to drinking. When hazardous wastes in the environment leak into the ground and groundwater, and when toxic liquid chemicals from waste seep into bodies of water, this very important liquid will be contaminated.

Impact on Animals and Marine life

When water contamination is left untreated, it can threaten marine life. It can destroy and suffocate marine habitats like corals. Animals will also suffer the effects of water pollution. When they consume rubbish near contaminated areas or landfills, they are at risk of poisoning due to the toxins.

Moreover, contaminated water can pose harm and danger to humans, especially those who consume fish and other marine life.

Extreme Climate Changes

Decomposing waste from the method of open dumping emits gases that rise to the atmosphere and trap heat. Greenhouse gases are among the culprits of the extreme weather changes that the world is experiencing.

Negative Impact on Human Health

Improper management of solid waste has an adverse effect on the health of the population living nearby the polluted area or landfills. Waste disposal workers and people living near open spaces are at high-risk. When a person is exposed to improperly handled wastes, he or she will experience skin irritations, blood infections, respiratory problems, growth problems, and even reproductive issues.

Ways to Solve Improper Rubbish Removal

Proper rubbish removal may sound like a simple term, but not everyone understands what this means. A lot of people know that rubbish removal is about getting rid of waste, and then skip the most crucial part of the process – the disposal.

Proper waste disposal involves several processes, which include collecting, transporting, recycling, treating, or dumping waste in a proper and environmentally friendly way. Certain regulations and monitoring procedures are associated with proper waste management as well, depending on your place.

Today, the rubbish disposal is a cause for concern. It caused some of the biggest problems the world is facing. One of the best ways to reduce the environmental impact and achieve developmental goals is to practice the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This cycle is an easy and cost-effective way to tackle waste disposal problems.

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