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FAQs About Deceased Estate Management in Sydney

Decluttering and rubbish removal is a big task to take on for one person. Ideally, you’d try to get a lot of help for the task. There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to dealing with a deceased estate. Some people might not know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help you tackle all the tasks you have up your alley. To give you a better understanding of the services we provide, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about our services:

1. What is deceased estate clearance?
A deceased estate clearance typically is a property were a relative has past and the family find it hard to deal with so they look for help like our company provides.

2. How can I book a service?
Call Dean on 0408629666 for an obligation free quote

3. How will I pay for the service?
Direct deposit is the preferred payment method, other arrangements can be made, EFTPOS is available on site.

4. Will I be paying before the job or on the day of the service?
Typically a 20 percent deposit is required to book in dates and balance paid on completion.

5. Are you licensed/certified/insured?
We have full comprehensive insurance, appropriate truck licenses, criminal background check and, working with children certificate.

6. How long have you been in business?
We have currently been helping families for 14 years.

7. Which areas do you cover for your services?
All of greater Sydney

8. How does the pricing work for the job? Is there a standard rate or will the rate depend on the amount of clutter to remove?
Pricing can vary from each job due to many variables, this is why we offer an obligation free quote to assess your property.

9. Will you need to see the property before you can give me a quote or can I get a quote via email or phone?
You can email or phone for a quote but is preferred to view the property for an accurate quote.

10. If you can give a quote over the phone or email, what information will you need from me to complete the quote?
If you are unable to meet at the property, some photos will assist in the quoting.

11. What can I expect on the day of the job?
Our team will arrive at the booked in time and carry out all works required to make it as easy for you as possible.

12. Are there any items/types of rubbish you won’t remove for house clearance?

13. What kind of equipment will you be using to lift and remove the household items?
All items will be hand loaded onto trucks and taken away.

14. How many staff/personnel will you be sending over for the job?
Staff may vary for each job.

15. Do I have to be on the property to supervise during the task?
No, but if you need to be that is also fine.

16. What sort of cleaning products do you use for the cleanout?
Disinfectant, Bleach, window cleaner, etc.

17. Where will you donate the items that are still usable?
Salvos store, St vincent de paul, Lifeline etc.

18. Will I have final approval on what gets thrown out/donated?
Yes, you have final say on all aspects of the job.

19. Will the clear out take more than one day to complete?
Yes, most homes take more than a day.

20. Does the service cover the exterior of the property (backyard/front yard)?
Yes, we can prepare the property from back to front.

If you have any question that wasn’t answered on this page, give us a call today. The staff at Deceased Estate Sydney would be happy to talk to you.

Our Recent Jobs

  • Onsite Assessment

    All our jobs are unique so we provide an onsite assessment and obligation free quote to get an understanding and provide for your individual personal needs.

  • Items can be delivered

    Any items wished to be kept can be delivered to yours or a relative's place.

  • Donate usable items to charity

    All unwanted usable items we donate to numerous charities around Sydney, which are very much appreciated.

  • Take waste to tip

    No stone is left unturned as we'll take all the rubbish away and take it to the tip.

  • Cleaning

    We scrub and clean the inside of the house to get the best presentation for the sale.

  • Pressure cleaning

    We can pressure wash the driveway and footpaths, always brings the last touches for a great presentation

  • Gardens

    We also can clean the gardens, weeding, pruning branches, mow and whipper snip.

  • Hoarders

    We also clear out hoarders houses or help sort through items to clean up the property.

  • Quality Service

    It's our #1 priority to provide a quality service with the sensitive care and respect needed to achieve the best understanding to your personalised needs and the best presentation for the sale of the estate.