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5 Areas at Home That Can Benefit from Weekly Home Decluttering Services

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Home decluttering is a big job. You literally touch and organise every household item, making decluttering time-consuming. And extra time is difficult to find these days. With hectic work schedules and family obligations, your clock never stops ticking.

This is where a professional home decluttering service comes in handy. However, when do you need them? Is it necessary to declutter your bedroom on a weekly or monthly basis? The question of “how constant and when” could be a speculation.

But what if we focus on weekly decluttering? Is it good practice? So, the real question is, “how will weekly decluttering benefit every room in my house?”

5 Household Rooms That Benefit From Weekly Decluttering

There are no written legal rules governing cleaning, but if there were, they would require you to clean and declutter daily. Almost all homeowners agree that “your home still looks dirty even after cleaning,” which is highly frustrating. Clutter is one source of this.

So, what happens if you hire professionals to declutter your home weekly? Is it beneficial to your rooms or not? Let’s find out.

Area #1: Living Room

From entertaining guests to gathering with family, your living room is a haven for close relationships. Some of you may eat snacks while sitting on the sofa, while others clutter the room with different things. All that residue, bacteria, dust, clutter, etc., accumulate, creating an unsightly dirty and grimy living room.

This is why it is critical to clean and declutter this space. Hire decluttering professionals once a week for the living room. Along with decluttering, you should also consider washing pillowcases or blankets in your living room. You can do this any day of the week or on the weekend (and vice versa).

Start your week with a clean living room. Consider the relaxation and comfort you feel while preparing snacks for your amigas waiting on the living room couch. Indeed, no gossip about having a dirty house.

Area #2: Bedroom

Who wouldn’t want to sleep peacefully in a spotless bedroom where they can loosen up for hours?

If you want to relax, you don’t want to scratch your skin with unseen dust, do you? Did you know that the average bed can house 10 million dust mites? You could become ill or develop a skin allergy without even realising it, from dust mites to disorganised items. How much more if you left your bedroom unattended for months? The horror!

Another example would be needing to pee in the middle of the night and stumbling across the tiny Legos you had piled up on your bedroom floor, causing pain in your feet. To avoid this, let your home decluttering service professionals assist you. No tripping at night, just a good night’s sleep!

Area #3: Kitchen

With the recent pandemic, most homeowners have become more health-conscious. As the virus survives longer on metal surfaces, keeping your kitchen appliances, countertops, floors, etc., clean is critical. So, keeping a clutter-free environment will help to avoid viruses.

Not only that, but you also handle your food in the kitchen. When your kitchen tools are organised, you can quickly locate an item if you enjoy cooking.

Area #4: Bathroom

You wash in the bathroom, so it’s only natural to clean the area where you tend. Your bathroom can quickly become filthy if left uncleaned weekly, and this is one of the places where bacteria eventually settle.

What else? A disorganised bathroom can feel like a battleground, and this room can quickly become cluttered with a sticky soap dish on the sink, a bundle of fallen hair, and multiple shampoo caps. And if you clean it without proper techniques, you will be trapped in a cycle of cleaning dingy and cluttered rooms.

That is why professional home decluttering services can be helpful when you need someone who knows how to organise and clean every area of your home. They have years of tried-and-true methods for maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Area #5: Laundry Room

Even if you have been doing laundry weekly, you may frequently forget to clean this room. This area can quickly become cluttered in just a day. This is because most washers and dryers have flat surfaces, making their top a place to put everything, such as clothes, detergents, and laundry tools. And in no time, this area will resemble a ‘catch-all room.’

That is why it is critical to declutter your laundry room at least once a week. Invest in hooks and baskets to keep the clutter at bay. You can also seek advice from decluttering experts to find the most effective solutions for a clutter-free room.

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