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What to Expect from a Deceased Estate Cleaning Company?

deceased estate cleaning

What is a deceased estate? If a person has passed away, his liabilities and assets are called a deceased estate. It includes property and other belongings like a house, car, shares, and investments, among other things, that have value. Now, to take care of these deceased loved ones’ possessions, a deceased estate cleaning company comes into the picture.

Deceased Estate Sydney is a one-stop-shop deceased estate cleaning company in Sydney. We help people and organisations to clean up estates and prepare them for sale or rent. We also offer deceased estate cleaning services, wherein we handle a deceased person’s items with compassion and sensitivity. Our experience working with different individuals taught us many things.

As a business grown from personal loss, we understand the emotional struggles of cleaning a deceased loved one’s property. That is why we offer our services to help you clean up a deceased estate while you take time to mourn.

Here is what to expect from a deceased estate cleaning company:

1. Provides Professional Services

A deceased estate cleaning company wants you to have the best experience possible from their services. Cleaning a deceased person’s property is one thing. But working for a mourning individual takes more than just professional services. It also requires patience and empathy. Thus, this task should not be left to a novice alone. A reputable service provider of deceased estate cleaning knows the ins and outs of the industry. It helps them guarantee high-quality and reliable services to customers.

2. Offers Reasonable Price Quote

Providing a price quote is part of the pre-deceased estate cleaning process in Sydney. We all know that an upfront price quote is necessary for every service-oriented business. A reliable service provider should provide one to their clients to understand how much the services cost. Apart from that, since there is no one way to clean a deceased estate, it is vital to develop a plan. With a plan, deceased estate cleaning activities will be easy to deliver.

3. Coordinates Rubbish Removal

Removing garbage and trash is a significant part of deceased estate cleaning services. If you are working with a deceased estate cleaning company, they will rent a dumpster. Having it placed at the deceased’s estate makes the cleaning process more manageable. During the cleaning activities, the dumpster will collect the rubbish removed from the deceased person’s property.

4. Enlists Help with Sorting

On top of coordinating rubbish removal, deceased estate cleaning services also enlists help with sorting. This is because some items removed from a deceased estate can be useful to other people. Trusted service providers would usually sell or donate these items at the client’s discretion.

5. Delegates Heavy Lifting

Heavy furnishings and appliances are common items inside a deceased estate. Lifting these objects is challenging and needs heavy equipment to move.

Well, you do not need to do it yourself with a deceased estate cleaning company. They have the right tool to remove and transfer heavy things.

6. Addresses Hoarding Problems

Hoarding clean-up is one of the most difficult parts of deceased estate cleaning in Sydney. And it can be overwhelming to deal with. But with the right service provider, addressing this issue is not a problem. Like deceased estate cleaning services, hoarding clean-up must be approached with compassion and empathy, too.

Understanding Australia's Estate Law

Before you can process a deceased estate, there are many things you need to understand, especially the laws and regulations governing deceased estates in Australia. If you know the legal, practical, and strategic considerations of the entire process of cleaning a deceased estate, things will be easier and smoother in the long run.

Each state has its laws that provide stipulations to the assets after a person dies. In this case, it pays to dig deeper into Australia’s property laws. Consulting legal officers is a helpful way to understand estate laws better. It is best to visit and talk with them ahead of time.

One way to deal with a deceased person’s estate is through an existing will. It must be legally written through free will and deeds before the person’s death. However, if a person dies without a last will, an administrator or personal representative will oversee the affairs of the estate.

Dealing with the Assets of an Estate

Cleaning a deceased estate means dealing with a person’s personal property. But it would be best if you had the legal power to do so. A Letter of Executor or Letter of Administration is the ultimate legal authority to process a deceased estate. But take note that it is only applicable if a valid will does not exist at the time of death.

Distributing or disposing of a deceased estate without legal authority is a violation of the law. This breach may introduce you to more problems like civil penalties, imprisonment, or both. For answers to more questions about legal authority, consult with an experienced lawyer.

Scheduling an initial consultation will not cost you anything. During the consultation, the attorney will walk you through the general overview about the dos and the don’ts of processing deceased estate clean out.

Collecting Important Documents

In connection with understanding estate laws and consulting with an attorney, identifying essential documents is also crucial in deceased estate cleaning in Sydney. After you determine what legal documents are needed, collect them and make a copy of each. It will be helpful in case some documents are lost during the process.

To ensure that the documents are secured, put them in safe and easy-to-access storage. Below are examples of important documents you need on hand before engaging in deceased cleaning services.

  • Last will and testament
  • Life insurance policies
  • Titles of real estate
  • Deeds to cars
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Health insurance policy

Bear in mind that some of these documents need immediate action. Selected laws require the filing of last will and testament with the probate court. Sometimes, filing a claim needs the help of a life insurance company. On the other hand, bills acquired by the deceased person’s last illness require a health insurance company.

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