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What to Do Before, During, and After Property Cleaning

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For working individuals and people who have a busy family life, hiring professional cleaning services is an ideal choice. You’ll not only have cleaning experts who come to your home on a regular basis to declutter and remove the trash, but you’ll also ensure a home that continues to look and smell good even days after the cleaning appointment.

To achieve a successful and cost-effective cleaning experience, you should know how you can make the most out of a cleaning visit. There are several things that you can do before, during, and after the big clean up, including checking spots, tidying areas, and providing feedback.

In this article, we outline some of the things you can do before, during, and after a house cleaning, so you can get the most thorough cleaning for your home.

Preparing Your House for Professional Cleaning

Other than securing a reliable service provider to clean your home, you can also start preparing your home for their coming. As soon as the cleaners arrive, they can focus on the cleaning chores that require more attention.

Remove Clutter

Most of you are guilty of delaying the task of making the bed, leaving dirty clothes on the floor, and forgetting to put the shoes in the closet simply because you are in a hurry to clock-in at work, send the kids to school, or go to an important occasion.

Before you know it, your house is filled with clutter, from the newspapers and magazines you have already read to the mails that you have not opened yet. Leaving all sorts of items lying around will make your house look like a complete mess.

While cleaning professionals can help you with decluttering before proceeding to major cleaning chores (e.g. wiping dirty surfaces, removing stains from carpets), it is advisable to spruce things up in various rooms in the house before a cleaning appointment. In this way, cleaners can spend a significant amount of time cleaning rather than organising your living space.

Besides, you do not have to do all the preparations the night before the cleaners arrive. You can start clearing the counter spaces of any objects a couple of days or a week prior to the cleaning appointment. Begin with picking up items that can obstruct the cleaning process. By simply doing that, you are giving the cleaners more time to get their chores done.

Keep All the Important Items

When hiring professional cleaners, don’t expect them to know where every item belongs. If you haven’t discussed the process the first time they are at your place, they surely have no idea where to place your things.

Cleaning around someone else’s house is a complicated task. If you leave things lying around during a cleaning visit, professional cleaning services may mistake your insurance paperwork as trash, or your slightly used towels as dirty laundry.

To avoid the trouble of looking for your important documents, such as bank statements, place them in a secure place before the arrival of the cleaners.

Manage Your Expectations

It is important to use mindfulness when managing your expectations. You should be aware that there are certain duties you can’t expect from a cleaner, such as looking after your kids and sorting out the items for recycling and donation.

Cleaning service providers offer standard cleaning and deep property cleaning tasks, depending on the package you wish to avail. If you really need help with extra tasks, you can ask them if they can take on the chores for an additional payment or if they have a specific service they can recommend. Asking questions will also help you manage your expectations.

Providing an Extra Hand During Property Cleanout

What are the things you can do when the cleaning experts arrive at your house?

Offer Help

Professional cleaning service providers have helped a number of different clients who live in homes and apartments of varying sizes. Hence, it may take time for them to know and familiarise the flow of your household.

When you make yourself available to provide instructions on areas of the house you would like them to focus, they can easily design a cleaning plan that will allow them to finish cleaning tasks more efficiently. Being there to guide them can go a long way in helping them deliver the best possible service.

Of course, this has nothing to do with micromanaging the cleaning company’s job. You are just simply communicating what you expect from the service and what type of cleaning you need for your home.

To maximise a cleaning service, instruct the cleaners to prioritise cleaning tasks that take up the most time, such as steaming the mattress, scrubbing bathtubs and toilet bowls, dusting light fixtures, and unclogging the sink. Also, leave instructions on the areas they should clean if they have extra time. You might also want to tell them the areas you don’t want them to clean.

When you communicate with the cleaners about your priorities, they will be guided accordingly, and they will be able to take on tasks that you would find challenging to do on your own.

Be Friendly

Creating a harmonious relationship with a cleaning professional from a service provider is not something many homeowners think about when they first hire cleaning services. But we are sure that you have heard of stories about customers berating their servers, or clients who are simply being inconsiderate. You wouldn’t want any of that to happen to them, would you?

It is no different for cleaners who work in the same industry, which is why you must be friendly towards your cleaners. Creating a friendly environment for them will not only make work more enjoyable but will also motivate them to go above and beyond their duties.

Giving Feedback at the End of the Service

After a long and tiring cleaning session, you can send an email to the cleaning company containing your feedback about the service. You can include the cleaning process that the cleaners can improve on. You can also tell them how impressed you are with their cleaning service.

Talk to someone from the cleaning service provider to give constructive feedback. In this way, the cleaners can fully understand your cleaning requirements for the subsequent cleaning sessions, and they can improve their service.

Wrapping Up

Knowing what to you do before, during, and after a property cleaning makes a world of difference to the way your house is cleaned. By preparing your house for the cleanout, providing specific instructions and encouragement to cleaners, and giving feedback, you can draw the line between the cleaners’ job and the chores that you prefer to do yourself.

At Deceased Estate Sydney, we make time to understand your specialised needs and requirements by listening to your feedback and keeping up good communication with you throughout the process. When you work with us, you can ensure that you get the most out of the cleaning service that we offer.

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