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The Basic Rules of Preparing Properties for Sale in Sydney

preparing properties for sale sydney
Are you making preparations to sell your property in Sydney? Then you’ve probably heard about the market’s tight competition. With hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners repairing, staging, and preparing properties for sale, you may be wondering how to let buyers choose your property.

And just like any other event, it all starts with preparation. You can’t put your house on the market unless you know what to do before selling it. In other words, preparing properties for sale in Sydney helps avoid turning off potential buyers.

So, how do you do this? Check the list of rules to follow below.

10 Preparation Rules for Property Selling

Before reading the list, you must have felt overwhelmed by what you need to do. From repairing to convincing, everything requires your effort. But your efforts will surely pay off when you hear the buyers exclaim “Wow!” along with their great offer—everything falls into place.

So, buckle up! Prepare to read the list to ensure your success in property selling.

Basic Rule #1: Work with a Real Estate Agent

You don’t have to do everything alone. The more you trust your urge to sell your property, the more disasters can accumulate, such as sacrificing your money and time.

And why is this? There are numerous negotiations and paperwork involved in property selling. Imagine convincing a buyer that your house is the best deal and then negotiating with an appraiser if there is a value dispute; these will undoubtedly drain you.

The first step is to find a reputable real estate agent. However, don’t just hire anyone. Research and ensure the agent is knowledgeable about Sydney’s market and efficient at all stages of the selling process.

Basic Rule #2: Create a Good Impression

Keep in mind that buyers will judge the physical appearance of your home before delving into the details. For instance, they can be unimpressed if they see that you have a great property with a poor curb appeal. And yes, first impressions do matter regarding real estate.

Hence, before selling your home, inspire them by improving its exterior appearance. You can do this through simple fixes such as repainting or adding flowers.

Basic Rule #3: Keep Everything Clean!

Buyers do not simply walk into a house when selling it; they scrutinise everything, especially keen buyers. Curious buyers can inspect your closet, cupboard, and drawers—nothing is off-limits to them. And no one wants a house that is cluttered to the brim.

Thus, clean and declutter the house using professional cleaning services such as Deceased Estate Sydney. We assist you in thoroughly cleaning your house for sale to present it to the market in the best possible light. In return, your property may attract more buyers.

Basic Rule #4: Don’t Personalise

We have different wants, and what you prefer might not be appealing to your buyer. In other words, please don’t leave things as they are.

So, how do you go about doing this? Begin by depersonalising your property by removing personal photographs, paintings, and furniture that gives it the appearance of being your home.

As difficult as it may sound, your house is no longer yours. Depersonalising feels overwhelming after spending so many years in your home, and that’s understandable. Hence, if you require professional assistance, you can work with a realtor and a stager to maintain the charm of your property even if you lose the things that make it a “home.”

Basic Rule #5: Trust Neutral Tone

In preparing properties for sale in Sydney, one rule of thumb is to repaint your wall with neutral colours (even if you hate them). You might love dark-coloured walls, but this property is no longer for you. So, be safe with a neutral-coloured interior.

In addition, white is the undisputed colour recommendation of experts. According to experts, it gives potential buyers a blank canvas to imagine what they want to do with your property—a jumpstart for their imagination.

Basic Rule #6: Perform Minor Repairs

Don’t wait until your buyer requests credit for the items you failed to repair, adding expenses to your bill.

Instead of making money from a sale, you are forced to spend it. Believe us; your buyer will have an inspector identify every problem in your home. That is why, before putting your home on the market, you should pay special attention to minor repairs.

Basic Rule #7: Stage with Plants

You can never go wrong with the colour green plants. Aside from its psychological implication of new beginnings and vibrancy, a green-coloured plant creates a space safe to live in. It gives the impression that your home is being cared for, avoiding the appearance of being overly staged. In other words, houseplant staging is one of the secrets to successfully selling your property on the market.

Basic Rule #8: Smell Your House

Don’t just rely on your nose when conducting a smell test. You’ve been inside your property for so long that your nose has become accustomed to its smells.

So, it is better to call someone unbiased to try to detect if there are strange smells, such as the lingering kitchen or pet smell. If they can smell one, prepare to do deep cleaning to keep your buyers from backing out.

Basic Rule #9: Keep Your Valuable Safe

Don’t directly trust anyone in your house. They might be paying you a reasonable sum in the future, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be lenient with them. Hide your valuables out of sight.

Basic Rule #10: Take a Deep Breath

Breathe in. Breathe out. At this point, you might start to remember your memories with your property. Let it be. You can cry if you want to. This property has been by your side through thick and thin, preserving your memories, milestones, and memorable moments. That is why you should unwind. You accomplished a great deal!

We recognise your bravery in selling something you adore, and you acknowledge it. But don’t let this emotion keep you from considering a move; we know you’re selling your home for good reasons. Allow yourself to go through the goodbye process. Remember that a house isn’t a home unless you live in it.

Reach Success in Property Selling with Experts!

Allow Deceased Estate Sydney to assist you with deep cleaning, clutter removal, keeping sentimental items, and sprucing up your curb. We have years of experience determining the most effective strategies for preparing properties for sale in Sydney.

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