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Reducing Anxiety and Stress Through Regular House Cleaning

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Are you feeling stressed at the moment? Trying to balance a job, family commitment, and social life, while also hoping to relax, unwind, and make the most of your free time can start to feel like a real whirlwind.

In light of the global pandemic, day-to-day life can easily become stressful. If you think that trying to keep a clean and tidy house does not contribute to your well-being, you are wrong.

In this article, we have traced the definite links between having a clean home and the reduction of stress levels and anxiety. By reading, you will be motivated to start tackling the clutter, ditching the dust, and scrubbing the surface. If you are looking to reduce your stress and start enjoying your time at home, property cleaning is a great place to start.

The Scientifically Proven Link Between Cleanliness and Stress Relief

Are you wondering about the benefits of a clean home? Picture yourself entering a space that has been freshly swept and mopped, with shiny counters and fresh-smelling bathrooms. Your things are in order and no clutter is lying around, taking up space. Being welcomed into that space makes you feel good, right? As it turns out, that positive feeling has foundations in science.

Thinking about how messy and cluttered your house is can make you go nuts. Studies have shown that being around an unclean space matches up directly to higher levels of stress and adverse health effects. Contrarily, those who have clean homes describe their places as restful.

More than that, the restful experience is not just about coming home to a clean space. The act of cleaning can also alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. For instance, the repetitive motion and clear-cut goal associated with sweeping, mopping a floor, or wiping a counter can have similar effects to meditation. The act can feel like a major relief; leading to higher satisfaction and lowering stress levels.

When you are in a clean and safe place, it is easy to relax, unwind, and start to feel like your home is restorative, instead of energy-draining.

The Ways Cleaning Reduces Stress

While many people associate cleaning with drudgery, there are several reasons why property clearing can be a great stress reliever.
The Ways Cleaning Reduces Stress

1. It provides relief.

Face it: mess and clutter can be stressful. Walking into a home that has things scattered on the floor, piles of paper on every surface, stacks of laundry needing to be put away, and random items not in place feels different than walking into a neatly organised home.

While most people want to have a clean home, many live in a cluttered home that causes them stress. If you want to alleviate your stress, don’t you think it’s time to pick a broom and sweep the floor?

2. It is a money saver.

Are you late on paying bills? Do you unnecessarily replace items you still have? Are you eating out more often than you need to? If yes, a regular house cleaning can help you slash down your expenses. You may not even realise the ways that a clean and well-maintained home can also be a money saver until you live in one.

3. It is an exercise in gratitude.

You can make cleaning a mindful task. Take the opportunity to be grateful for everything that you come across or touch while cleaning. For instance, if you are doing your laundry, admire your clothes, be grateful for the shirt you are wearing since some have none, and appreciate the beauty of modern technology as you place your clothes in the washing machine.

Thinking about what you are cleaning allows you to appreciate the things that you didn’t realise you were lucky to have before. Take note that inner peace comes from wanting what you have, not from having what you want. By unearthing the wonderful haven beneath the mess and clutter in your home, you can have a whole new level of gratitude for all that you have.

4.It is a form of meditation.

While the outcome of a major cleaning session (that is, a clean and beautiful home) can be a great stress reliever, the act of cleaning your house itself can be a great stress management technique. By incorporating mindfulness into your cleaning, the task can be an effective form of meditation, which leaves you feeling more relaxed after you finish.

5. It can be a party.

Are you not one to get into a Zen state as you clean? Well, you can go in the other direction and turn your cleaning experience into a mini party. Turning up the music has many wonderful stress relief benefits. When you play your favourite music as you clean, you can make the activity much more enjoyable and get the work done faster.

6. It is an exercise.

If done right, the act of cleaning can bring the added benefit of getting you an exercise, which can be great for relieving stress. Walking up and down the stairs, carrying items from one room to another, wiping windows and kitchen counters, and sweeping floors can burn calories, release endorphins, and help you blow off steam. With that said, regular cleaning is a great workout routine.

The Help that You Need to Clean Your Home

The best way to tackle the clutter in your home is to make a to-do list. But if you want to make cleaning a whole lot less stressful, then hiring an experienced and professional cleaning service is an ideal choice. Professional cleaning services can do all the work, giving you back precious time to relax and enjoy the things in life that matter to you, without stress along the way.

If you are looking to keep your home clean and cut down on your stress levels, you have come to the right place. Deceased Estate Sydney would love to step in and help. We always make a sweeping effort to make our customers’ lives less stressful.

Our professionally trained and uniformed teams will bring all of the tools and equipment, as well as environmentally-friendly cleaning products necessary to clean your home. If you have any questions, or if you want to book our clearing and cleaning services, get in touch today for your free quote.