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How to Prepare for a Property Clearing Service

property clearing service

Do you have a deceased estate that requires cleanout services? Are you planning to conduct an extensive property clearing? In these difficult times, it is stressful for the person responsible to do estate cleanouts. Hiring a deceased estate cleaning service is the easiest way to clear the property out. But before you go through this process, there are important things you need to do and options you need to consider. To guide you, here are some of the important things you need to pay attention in preparing your property for a clearing service.

Is your land clearing permitted?


Usually, a probate takes place when a family member dies and multiple family members are involved. During this period, it’s important to secure all financial documents. Be on the lookout for life insurance policies and statements, real estate deeds and titles, back statements, and stock certificates. These documents may be necessary for filing income tax returns the following year.


Most of us tend to negligently stash things in unlikely areas of our homes. Sometimes, we forget that we left something valuable in our coat pockets or in the back of our desk drawer. And unfortunately, it causes disagreements and conflicts to arise. It is necessary to be thorough in reviewing your estate before the clearing. Inspect all areas and corners, and check out items to ensure that there are no additional storage units or garages that need to be cleared out. Also, don’t forget to go through the backyard for an overlooked shed or storage space.


Departed family members leave items such as photos and clothes that have sentimental value and are irreplaceable for family members. The idea of keeping and storing them is to think of the future generation who may well find these things as a tangible link to their ancestors they may never have had the privilege to meet.


If you ever have items you may not need but are still useful, you may give them away to friends and those in need. You can freely choose which charitable organisation you would like to give the items to. If your items happen to have a resale value, you can go online to sell them. In pricing, be smart enough to review what others are pricing for similar items. If you know how much the item is worth, you can display and sell them in auction sites.


No matter what service you plan to hire, it’s important to figure out any additional expenses. No one is truly aware of what may come your way along this complex process. Some of the repairs, taxes, and mortgages can become out-of-pocket expenses you did not see coming. Which is why you need to quickly figure out an action plan. Review your costs and secure extra expenses to prepare a useful budget.


Preparing your property for a clearing service can be physically and emotionally draining. There are particularly monotonous and lengthy tasks like sorting through a huge pile of paperwork, while some tasks require you to exert physical strength like moving furniture, and hauling items and debris. This is where a professional estate clearing service can be helpful.

After taking into account all these things, you are now ready for a property cleaning service. Deceased Estate Sydney understands your personalised needs in this sensitive time. As we handle our clients with the utmost care, we also secure that the property is thoroughly cleaned up for future purposes. Reach us out through or you may give us a call at 0408 629 666. Work with us today!