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Home Decluttering Services: What Qualities to Look for?

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In this generation, minimalism is a constant trend. Most youngsters downsize their possessions and choose to save money and time. However, there are still other people who accumulate things beyond their needs. Shopping there, shopping here, buying that, and accepting this—there is that someone who can’t help but hoard.

And if you fall under this spectrum, it is essential to remember that decluttering can help you physically and emotionally. With less dust and pest, you reduce the risk of allergies while living in comfort. Because, as they say, you focus on what matters when you own less.

But what if you don’t have time to organise your belongings? That is when a home decluttering service comes in handy. Some experts enjoy cleaning places other than their own! They assist you in maintaining a clutter-free home while you are preoccupied with important matters.
So, should you hire anyone?
No. Though the company’s name is home decluttering service, it doesn’t imply that they offer quality decluttering services. Some may deceitfully prolong service time for more money than completing the process within the agreed turnaround time. And you don’t want that.

That is why you should check their backgrounds before hiring one. Here is a list of qualities to look for in a reputable home decluttering service like Deceased Estate Sydney.

7 Traits of a Good Home Decluttering Service

When you see these qualities in your potential professional home decluttering service, hire them!

Quality #1: Keen Eye

Your home is filled with large and small pieces of furniture, and we frequently toss or dump the latter because their sizes prevent them from having a precise storage space. These items could include our keys, pens, wallets, etc. As a result, you require someone meticulous in decluttering every last detail.

An excellent decluttering service provider understands the importance of putting even the most minor possessions in their proper place. To help with organisation, most of them would prepare labelled bins, such as “for disposal” and “for recycling.” They can also advise you on what storage to buy to organise your small possessions.

Quality #2: Knowledgeable

You wouldn’t want to see your declutterer randomly stocking items in your closet, would you? If this is the case, hire someone well-versed in storage.

An experienced decluttering expert would list the items stored in each room and group similar items together in the same areas. Most importantly, they understand how to select storage that adds space to your home, like strong coat hooks.

Quality #3: Organised

The company you hire should present you with a decluttering schedule tailored to your needs.

They should know what to do from the beginning to the end of the process. What does it mean? You shouldn’t hear a team member asking someone what they should do next or what material to use. A highly-experienced declutterer would know what to do as if the decluttering process were just another ordinary day in their lives.

Quality #4: Stellar Reputation

Always investigate a company’s history. So, how do you do this? Research. Look for any reviews or testimonials on their websites. However, be wary of some website opinions, as they may be fabricated. You can check out their company on Google or a local listing to see if you can trust them.

A recommendation from a friend would also be ideal. Have your friends and family worked with them? Perhaps they become loyal customers and want you to experience the same exceptional service.

Quality #5: Committed

A reputable home decluttering service should be committed to quality, ensuring that all employees receive the same quality training. They know how to keep your home clutter-free while not disturbing or damaging your equipment. That is to say, expert declutterers have the fortitude to work gently with your possessions while processing them quickly.

Quality #6: Honest

You wouldn’t want to work closely with someone untrustworthy, would you? Keep in mind that you are entrusting your belongings to a stranger. So, you must be able to rely on your organiser. Aside from that, they should be transparent about every decluttering service process and expense.

Quality #7: Eco-Friendly

Since cleaners, organisers, and declutterers use chemicals and agents to clean the home thoroughly. However, you should choose a company that prioritises the environment. They should not use harmful chemicals or toxins to declutter your home. Not only are environmentally friendly products helpful for the Earth, but they also have a less negative impact on our health.

Imagine cleaning your house while destroying the environment; what a waste of time and money, right? That is why you should always hire someone who understands the importance of balancing going green with getting rid of clutter.

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