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Professional Home Decluttering Service for a Tidier, Stress-Free Home

home decluttering service

Every home generates waste and has a little junk lying around certain areas. Well, some may have more than little. Regardless of how much waste you have in your home, clutter creates problems and sparks major disasters in many ways unimaginable. It makes property clean out more difficult and more time-consuming.

However, a clutter-free home brings numerous rewards and benefits, including the joy of being able to easily sort and find important things. If you are planning to sell your property out, decluttering can give potential buyers a beautiful first impression.

Sure, cleaning up an enormous clutter is hard work. You’ll wonder how all the things got all over the place and you won’t know where to begin, unless you approach your mess with a strategic plan. Here, we’ll design a plan that may come in useful when you have a home decluttering service.

Living Room & Home Decluttering Service

As a high traffic area, lots of things will end up in this space. So, start the clean-up by removing items that have lost their way and return them to areas where they belong. Clear off the coffee table and end tables. If you find old magazines and newspapers you no longer need, toss them out or give them away. In keeping the entertainment centre organised, you need to identify and place the things that belong there, such as cable box, TV, DVD player, remote, and others. If your living room has cabinets, look for and clean spots where you can store everything you want to keep. Finally, sort through collectables and memorabilia. If you are reluctant to throw some things away, keep them. If some things are useless and you can’t even remember where you got them, get rid of them immediately.

Bedroom Deep-Cleaning ​

Going in your bedroom, you’ll be surprised to find that much of what’s cluttering up your bedroom can easily be removed or cleaned up. For instance, your favourite books on your nightstand, rogue tissues, dirty clothes that should be tossed in laundry baskets, and some random towels that have been carelessly tossed aside after wearing clothes.

Once you’ve removed things and placed them in their respective areas, you can start cleaning your bed and the adjacent areas. Make the bed properly so you have a clear surface to rest and sleep. Then, go under your bed and clean some mess. Finish with dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming surfaces, windows, and blinds.

Closet Cleanout

After cleaning up your bedroom, go straight to your closet. Most people have more clothes than they can ever manage, making closets a top source of clutter. What makes decluttering more challenging is getting rid of old and outdated clothes and stuff. If the clothes don’t fit anymore, simply donate them. If you have freebies, such as promotional tees from events and jeans that haven’t fit since the day you got them, place them off the donation bin. To avoid spending hours deciding on whether or not to keep a garment, you should think as fast as you can. In dealing with sentimental items, be picky. You can lose many hours in a nostalgia wormhole about a shirt or sweater you haven’t seen and worn since college, a pink cocktail dress you bought for your prom, a hand-me-down shirt from your older sibling, or worse, a jacket your ex gave you. If you hold on to an item for fear of losing a memory, don’t. You’ll only lose more time and you may end the day without finishing a single task. To curb the odds of getting off-track, categorise your clothes according to its type. Take 15 minutes or so in making a decision for each pile. Maximise space with storage. If you’ve secured boxes or any form of storage, budget your time in folding rolls and filing items.

Step-By-Step Kitchen Clean-Up

Kitchen is a daily disaster zone. It’s clean the first time you got there, it’s barely visible the next time you see it. No matter how the clutter happens, you should not leave it littered and messy. 

  • Throw away the inedible. Clean the fridge and the freezer. Toss out anything gross or useless you find in your pantry and in the cabinets. Equally divide your time for cleaning each shelf, including the time you spend on cleaning spills and stains. 
  • When you go through the drawers and cabinets, toss out infrequently-used items, cooking tools, stale dishes, or glass (the usable ones) into donation boxes. If you are short on time, skip this task or put it on your to-do list. 
  • Finally, clear the counters, including trash, misplaced items, tin of coffee, and even kitchen appliances. Clear off the surface of the room and the refrigerator door. 

Bathroom Cleaning

After cleaning the bigger spaces, focus on decluttering your bathroom. Start with organising the things in the bathroom that belong somewhere else. Pick up the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. Then, move on to the sink area. Throw out all expired and unusable items away. Clean the shower and bathtub area, move toiletries to cabinets, and throw empty bottles into the recycling bin. Fold the towels and place them on towel bars or hooks.

Entryway, Hallway, and other Spaces ​​

Throw out all the obvious garbage such as papers and leaves. Pick up piles and get ruthless. Sort through what you want to keep and throw any broken items. If you want to keep them, look for rooms or ways to store them neatly. Put the gardening tools in their proper shelves. Sorting through a mess can take a large amount of your time. So if you are stuck in this phase, place the pile of papers in a folder or box, and hide them away for another time of day.

Yes, you now have plan to declutter your home quickly and efficiently!

Within a couple of days, you can completely organise your home with this effective guide. If you make use of this plan, you will see a beautiful home decluttering service of freedom and fresh breath hiding behind the clutter.

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