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Crime Scene Cleaning: How Does It Work?

Crime Scene Cleaning

Removing the aftermath of a crime scene is an overwhelming task, especially in the part of the victim’s family. However, things like that still need to be cleaned up. As someone who is grieving for the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult for you to deal with this unimaginable task. That is why house clearance services will take over the hard parts instead.

In the latter part of the 19th century, the cleaning industry gave birth to a whole new service called crime scene clean-up. The job requires more than just mopping up a place after a traumatic death. The cleaners must have a significant amount of training, special knowledge, and skills to carry out the tasks accordingly.

Because of the many requirements that come with the service, cleaning companies charge hundreds of dollars an hour for this specific cleaning service. Even so, most people would pay even more because of the complexity of the work.

Now, what requirements are we talking about? Is the job really hard for family members to perform? Continue reading to find out.

What is Crime Scene Cleaning?

People who have not encountered a violent death might wonder what a crime scene clean-up is all about. Here’s an answer to all your uncertainties:

Crime scene cleaning takes place after investigators have processed a crime scene. The clean-up includes getting rid of potentially biohazardous materials (e.g., blood and body fluids). While crime scene cleaning service providers are not members of law enforcement, they often work closely with crime scene investigators to help the victim’s bereaved family.

Once the cleaners have collected, bagged, and logged the last piece of evidence and the final police officer has left the scene, the family of the deceased will be left to deal with the after-effects of the crime.

For most people who have been through this traumatic experience, crime scene clean-up is an unthinkable task charged with confusion and overwhelming emotions. On top of that, most families are not equipped or prepared to handle such a precarious feat. This is why many people turn to a house clearance services provider for help.

What Do Crime Cleaners Do?

Crime scene cleaners specialise in cleaning and sanitising properties after accidents and death occur. They demonstrate compassion towards the family of the deceased. As the so-called “second responders,” the number one goal of the cleaners is to help families recover from the loss by relieving them of the burden of cleaning up.

How Is Crime Scene Clean-Up Different from a Typical Cleaning Service?

Crime scene cleaning service providers do more than just cleaning. The service provided includes sanitising the affected area with special cleaning agents and remediating situations that typical cleaning services cannot, including:

Tear Gas Clean-Up

Law enforcement uses tear gas at the scene of a crime which can be terribly difficult to clean afterwards. The property will remain unsafe and should not be inhabited until the experts remediated all the chemicals.

Unattended Death Clean-Up

An unattended death is one of the most challenging situations that crime scene cleaners deal with. Most people underestimate the detrimental effects of an unattended death on their homes. Sometimes, they do not realise that the situation can impact both the safety and well-being of future occupants. So, they need the help of experts to restore the property with as much respect as possible.

Suicide and Accident Clean-Up

When handling blood and other biological matter, you need to clean them up with extreme caution. Unlike a general cleaning crew, a crime scene cleaning company possesses the right knowledge and equipment to remediate a scene safely and thoroughly.

What are the Training and Background Requirements to Conduct a Crime Scene Clean-Up?

In most cities, becoming a crime scene cleaner does not require a college degree nor require certification. Crime scene cleaners, however, need to possess the following:


Since cleaners encounter a wide range of tragic circumstances, they should be able to provide the victim’s family with support and reassurance.


Crime scene cleaning can be physically challenging and may require cleaners to wear crime scene cleaning gears, such as biohazard suits, full facemasks, respirators, and gloves.

Education and Training

Most crime scene cleaning services provider require their employees to have crime scene clean-up training. So, educating yourself on the best cleaning practices, the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and several safety risks such as bloodborne pathogen exposure helps.


Customers trust crime scene cleaners with their property, personal belongings, and safety, which is why integrity is a must. Many crime scene cleaning service providers require random drug testing, and the candidates need to pass a background check.


Often, tragic circumstances take place at night. So, crime scene cleaners may need to deliver service during odd hours. As such, cleaners should be dedicated to their work and have flexible availability.

Attention to Detail

Cleaning up after a crime scene can result in several health risks. So, cleaners should follow the protocol and pay close attention to detail.

Why Should You Hire Experts to Do Crime Scene Clean-Up?

A crime scene is a dangerous and perilous place to be. The blood and body fluids found in the area can carry harmful pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis, and influenza. These hazardous chemicals can be transmitted to anyone who comes into contact with the scene. The mental burden adds even more burden to the shoulders of the bereaved family. That is why you need to get someone with adequate equipment and training to handle the clean-up.

Wrapping Up

Certainly, cleaning up a crime scene is a demanding job. With the help of trusted crime scene cleaners, you will get the help that you need to handle your situation well.

As crime scene cleaners, you should be able to compose yourself professionally even in the most horrific scenes. If you want to pursue a career in crime scene clean-up, or if you are already part of the industry, it will help to gain an idea of what the job entails before joining any crime scene clean-up training or workshop.

Do you need a crime scene clean-up? Deceased Estate Sydney is here to help. As a reliable provider of house clearance services, we believe it is our job to remove the burden of crime scene cleaning off the shoulders of those who are grieving. To learn more, speak with our friendly staff today!