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Effective Home Decluttering Service Questions to Consider

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter all around you? Before you even start cleaning, know that decluttering your belongings is an exhausting task.

And now, you may be thinking about where to begin. You try to get rid of the clutter, but at one point, you stop. You realised that you are not cleaning enough.

Don’t give up, though. There are ways to reduce the effort required to declutter your home. The first is to seek a professional home decluttering service, and the second is to answer these questions to declutter your home effortlessly.

8 Questions to Ask to Declutter Effectively

These questions help you determine what to keep and discard during the decluttering process.

Question #1: When was the last time I used this item?

Do you remember the last time you used the item? Is it today, last week, or last year? Or perhaps, can you even recall when? If you can’t think of the specific time when you used an item, it’s best to get rid of it.

We may have the default assumption that we will need it in the future, but are you using it? Or do you keep it because you believe you will use it? You must be truthful in answering this question.

Question #2: Do I have another one of those?

Buying things we think we need is one way to cope with our mental health, and that is why we usually end up with two or more items. While this is understandable, it also poses disadvantages, such as clutter.

And when everything is piled up, it can be challenging to find what you already have and what you don’t. Keep it in a separate box while decluttering, if you believe you have one. Then let go of the other one once you’ve found its duplicate.

Question #3: Can I use this again?

Decluttering entails letting go of items. Set a long-term goal for how your home view will look. Do you prefer a modern look in your home? Then keep fewer useful things because less is more in contemporary furniture.

In other words, keep your goal in mind to guide you throughout the decluttering process. “Does this item fit with my home style goal or not?” What stays and what goes depends on your answer.

Question #4: Do I have something similar that serves the same purpose?

Do not interpret this question as a search for duplicate items. This is all about the item’s functionality: can you use your other item to perform the same function as this item? In simple terms, do they both serve the same purpose?

For example, your kitchen appliances may perform multiple functions without your knowledge. Your food processor could replace some of your old shredders, knives, and blenders. So, if you believe the latter works better than the others, don’t be afraid to choose your food processor.

Question #5: Can I borrow this from someone else?

We have many items in our home that we only use once or twice a year, but we continue to buy them because we are tired of borrowing. But in terms of practicality, do you need to own one if you only use it once? Why not borrow it instead? You do not only avoid clutter, but you can also save money.

Yet, in this scenario, imagine this time that you’ve already purchased items that you only use occasionally. So, are you ready to get rid of it? One thing to consider when letting it go is whether it takes up space in your home but is rarely used in your daily activities. If so, it’s time to let it go.

Question #6: Do I even own this?

Can you recall if you own the item when you see it? You will discover items that you had forgotten you owned or used during the decluttering process. There are various reasons we fail to remember things, given that our brain has a limited capacity to store and recall information.

So, if that thing means nothing to you, there’s a good chance you’ll forget you have it. It’s also possible that if you haven’t used the item in a while, you won’t remember owning one. Thus, when these two things happen, let go of the item.

Question #7: Will I repurchase this item?

Assume you do not have the item. Would you buy it if you had the opportunity? If you answered no, you don’t truly value the thing. Your reasons may vary, such as changing your favourite colours. Or maybe you don’t appreciate it as much as you do your other possessions.

So, if you were in the store today and saw the same item on the shelf but had no intention of purchasing it, it is time to add it to your “let it go” box compilation.

Question #8: Does the item makes you happy?

This decluttering question comes from Marie Kondo, a home decluttering service expert. Do you enjoy having or simply holding the item? If not, this item is part of your excess possessions that do not bring you happiness.

Being practical means limiting yourself to the things you require and enjoy. However, there are times when you get a rush from seeing an item, even if it is of little use in your daily activities. Instead of focusing on happiness, ask yourself, “Does it help me fulfil a greater purpose in my life?”

Rather than simply experiencing happiness through your possessions, advance your joy through your life goals.

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