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6 Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal in Sydney

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Every day, residential and commercial owners generate tons of waste. And as people’s waste volume grows, rubbish removal in Sydney becomes an everyday affair in every location. That is why waste management has been given greater importance these days. Yet, despite our efforts to address waste management disposal, improper processes remain widespread.

But why is this happening? That is because most of us failed to understand rubbish removal beyond simply throwing it in the trash, and it goes beyond that. From segregating waste to hauling it to the landfill, all of these require the expertise and efficiency of professional rubbish removal in Sydney.

Otherwise, improper rubbish removal can cause adverse effects on the environment and the living things surviving on the planet.

Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal

Every household in Sydney has to deal with rubbish waste regularly; however, not all of them understand the importance of proper waste management. So, what happens if we fail to follow appropriate guidelines for garbage disposal?

Here are the negative impacts of the wrong rubbish removal processes.

Result #1: Environmental Intoxication

How we handle waste is increasingly becoming careless. Take the case of plastic trash. Some of us burn plastic to reduce waste, but we don’t realise how dangerous it is to humans and the environment. In burning plastics, hazardous chemicals are released without warning. And these can pollute the atmosphere, vegetation, and all living things.

Aside from the burning of plastics, how can improper garbage disposal harm the environment? Let’s find out more.

a. Water Pollution

Toxic waste can leach dangerous chemicals into groundwater. And there, it sinks and contaminates other bodies of water. Since water is a solvent and can move from one location to another, toxic waste can easily pollute and suffocate marine life

b. Air Pollution

When no one is looking, we tend to dispose of garbage as efficiently as possible. And one of the quickest yet illegal methods is to burn them. This has been a prohibited practice in many parts of the country, and some do it for convenience, while others do it to avoid regular waste collection services.

So, what happens if this activity continues? Burnt trash emits gas and chemicals that pose a risk. These toxic fumes can deplete the ozone layer, causing respiratory problems and nervous system damage.

c. Soil Pollution

It is common knowledge that garbage is dumped into the ground. So, when you practice improper rubbish removal in Sydney, there’s a chance that harmful waste ends up in the landfills. And when they do, they excrete and release dangerous chemicals into the soil. And these toxins can have an impact on plant growth, the food chain, etc.

That is why recycling is critical in waste disposal. However, hiring professional rubbish removalists to separate and dispose of your trash is preferable if you have a tight schedule.

Result #2: Pest Infestation

Are you one of the few people carelessly dumping garbage on the curb? You might have noticed how the decaying matter in the rubbish attracts a lot of pests. From rodents to cockroaches, unsanitary conditions are their haven.

So, what happens if they continue to survive and make piled-up trash their breeding ground? Here are some of the consequences of a pest infestation:

  • Food poisoning and dysentery;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Spread of germs;
  • Creates aesthetically displeasing marks on walls; and
  • Contaminate products, especially food.
  • Result #3: Tourism Setback

    The scenery of the area is one of the things that draw tourists. Hence, if you practice improper disposal, trash could end up anywhere in the city. Worse, rubbish may end up in the city’s tourist attractions.

    When this happens, the location’s aesthetic suffers, making it unappealing to domestic and international tourists. As a result, there will be a decrease in tourism. And this is detrimental to the economy and the livelihood of the locals.

    Result #4: Health Issues

    Your health is at risk from the consequences of improper rubbish removal. From water to air pollution, your health is always directly impacted, especially if you have a weak immune system. The more you surround yourself with rubbish, the higher the risk of experiencing severe symptoms.

    Studies show that prolonged exposure to hazardous waste can result in cancer and death. Apart from that, the following are some of the health issues caused by improper waste disposal:

  • Diseases carried by rodents, such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis;
  • Blood-borne pathogens;
  • Intestinal infections;
  • Chronic respiratory diseases;
  • Weight loss; and
  • Food poisoning.
  • Result #5: High Taxation

    When the government decides to “go green,” it imposes an environmental tax on its citizens. This kind of tax aims to help the environment than raise fiscal avenues. While emphasised, most people still overlook the importance of proper recycling and disposal.

    And when the consequences of improper waste management occur (e.g., piling up tons of waste in an illegal dump), the government tends to clean this up with the help of the taxpayer’s contribution to environmental rescue, which amounts to at least half a million dollars.

    So, if you continue to ignore the waste management process, be responsible for paying taxes to help the environment. Because if we only practice proper waste segregation or hire professionals to handle garbage removal, we won’t have to pay a hefty tax.

    Result #6: Climate Change

    Irresponsible waste management process contributes to climate change. And how is this possible? When toxins are released into the environment, it increases greenhouse gas emissions, and these gases can cause climate change.

    And today, climate change has become more apparent. From increasing wildfires to shrinking glaciers, the climate is rapidly changing. And although the term “climate change” is frequently used, people tend to overlook its potential impact on our environment, biodiversity, humans, etc.

    Save the Environment, Hire Rubbish Removal in Sydney!

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