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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Clearing Out Services

Clearing Out Services

The idea of hiring clearing out services may not yet cross your mind. But perhaps this fact may pique your interest and change your perspective on waste disposal: Australians are among the primary generators of waste per capita across the world. And where do you think all our waste products go? While some are recycled, others go to landfills.

So now, it’s time to consider carefully and think about how we can help reduce the numbers. Well, we’re not suggesting that you go to landfills and collect what you can recycle. What we want to tell you is that small yet practical changes can actually make a huge difference.

One significant change you can consider is hiring clearing out services from a trusted company like Deceased Estate Sydney. But before you hire a clearing out service provider, let us first set the facts straight by answering some questions about clearing out services. Here you go:

1. What is a clearing out service?

This service involves cleaning and clearing a property of things that may have sentimental value or not. Most of the time, providers of this service recycle the items collected as many times as possible to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and, at the same time, bring joy to the new owner of a once-prized piece.

2. How is a clearing out service carried out?

A clearing out process often begins with an onsite assessment so the cleaners will have a better understanding of what needs to be cleaned and removed. Once the assessment is done, the cleaners will then show up on the agreed cleaning date, getting rid of unwanted yet usable items and donating them to charities. They will also do pressure cleaning and deep scrubbing, which are beneficial for properties that will be presented for sale. Cleaners will make sure that no stone is left unturned, and every rubbish is taken away, including dead branches in the garden.

3. How much does this service cost?

Dealing with your own junk can cost you a lot of money. Not to mention, it can waste your valuable time, which you can spend on things that matter more. Now, what does this all mean?

Assuming you have just completed a landscaping project. This means you have loads of garden materials and rubbish in your garden. These materials and waste are generally bulky, and they can’t fit in your car’s trunk. This leaves you with no choice but to hire a truck.

If you think the costs end there, you’re wrong. You still have to allocate time to load these materials to the truck and drop them off in the right place. This task alone will take you a day.

Instead of doing all this, hire providers of clearing out services. This way, you will enjoy your day living in a decluttered home. And the best part is that these services are often cheaper than you think. The prices often vary depending on the amount of waste that should be handled.

4. When will you need this service?

Those who usually seek this service are homeowners who are planning or have just completed a home renovation project, be it the installation of a new deck or a kitchen renovation. Regardless of the project, there will be construction materials and old items that should be removed. To take care of these items, you need a clearing out service provider. With their help, you will have peace of mind knowing that all your waste and unwanted things are sorted and recycled if possible.

5. How will this service benefit you?

A clean surrounding makes us feel happy and content. On the contrary, piles of rubbish in our homes easily make us feel distracted. That said, clearing out our property is essential to have a clean and hygienic home, as well as a peaceful mind.

6. Is there anything that property owners should do before cleaners arrive?

Most cleaners will request that personal items and valuables be removed before they arrive. This will speed up the clearing out process. It also gives property owners the assurance that their prized items are somewhere secure. However, there are cleaners who are happy to take care of everything for you. To be sure, you can consult with the cleaning team prior to the scheduled clearing date.

7. How often should a clearing service provider be hired?

Some homeowners want their houses to be cleaned professionally once a week or twice a month. Others prefer the cleaning service done on a monthly basis. How often the cleaning should be done depends on you and your lifestyle. Perhaps you may be too busy, or there are plenty of people living in your home. Either way, you can set a schedule whenever you want.

8. Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies?

The answer is NO. The clearing service provider will bring their supplies. The cleaners receive training on what product to use on a particular surface. They also know what products can potentially damage your property, too. If special cleaning products are required, you are more than welcome to provide them. But you can also check with the company of your choice.

9. How long will the clearing process take?

The first cleaning often takes the longest. This is because plenty of tasks need to be carried out. And how long the first cleaning takes will also depend on how long it has been since you had your home deep cleaned.

10. Do I need to be at home when you are doing the job?

This isn’t necessary. As long as you grant the cleaners access to your property, then there is no reason for you to be there. But if it makes you more comfortable, these cleaners are happy to have you around and watch them do their job. Take note, though. Even if these cleaners are friendly, they have a schedule to follow. So, make sure that you give them time and space to have their work done.

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