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About Us

Deceased Estate Sydney is a privately owned family operated business which is operated by Dean and Sharon Kosta who combines a sensitive management and wide ranging experience.

Our business has grown from our personal lose and through our relatives and friends who have also lost loved ones and had to  deal with this difficult time, into a family based business who have been working to help many people and organisations to clean up estates to prepare it for sale or rent. We have gained a lot of experience by working with executors, solicitors, church and government organisations, real estate agents and hoarders throughout the Sydney, Blue mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, and Southern Highland.

We respond to clients who are also interstate, overseas or are going into public housing, aged care or retirement villages. Our services provides a deceased estate and rental bonds cleaning, clean up and clean out service and are aimed towards achieving your individual personal needs and the best presentation at the estate sale, and hence the best outcome for executors and family members who might have to divide the proceeds between relatives. Often a deceased estate is sole asset and there is an understandable emphasis on achieving the best outcome.

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